François Malingrëy, favourite of Beaux-Arts Magazine

Art Paris Art Fair 2021
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In the new Grand Palais Éphémère building, Art Paris opens the ball of fairs with a 23rd edition featuring 140 galleries. Amongst them, there are giants and emerging artists, French and international, collective exhibitions and unforgettable solo shows... And, it must be said, a lot of paintings! How to find your way around, what to see in particular?

The most magnetic: François Malingrëy at Le Feuvre & Roze

Even before the opening day, the gallery sold (almost) all the works of the young prodigy François Malingrëy (born in 1989). This shows the success of this painter, a graduate of the Strasbourg Decorative Arts and author of dark, melancholic visions, where the characters adopt strange, frozen postures. He draws his models from among his friends and family. His settings, enclosed, are impregnated with the recent confinement: he signed a series of outdoor paintings at the beginning of 2020 and invites us here into the greyish interior of flats where children cry and sulk, where women look pensively out of the window - and, it seems, into the void. A few paintings on cut wood invite a horse on the wall, the reflection of children in the water... A prodigious ensemble, which continues between the walls of the gallery Le Feuvre & Roze, in the 8th arrondissement.
Source : Beaux-Arts magazine
September 21, 2021
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