Lucile Kessil, à partir du 11 avril, "Débordement" au Faubourg des Jeunes Artistes

Artiste diplômée des Beaux-Arts

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In 2017, Lucile Kessil graduates from les Beaux-Arts de Paris. One year later, she moves to Brussels, where she still lives and works. 
Behind the first plan of her paintings, her « instants », Lucile hides a critical view of timeless issues. These issues have to do with human beings, their perceptions and beliefs.
For her exhibition at the Faubourg des Jeunes Artistes, it is the theme of the Overflow that Lucile choses to deal with.
Opening on 11 April, from 6pm
With the artist in attendance.
The exhibition will be on view until May 2.
April 10, 2019
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