Julien Colombier x Moët Hennessy

Julien Colombier, in partnership with the artistic production company Quai 36, created this mural in the office of Moët Hennessy. This is the second time the artist has collaborated with the brand, after designing a special edition for the famous cognac Hennessy, a few months ago.

"This colorful plant mural is an ode to biodiversity, which is dear to Moët & Chandon and at the heat of their activity. Agave vine leaves intermingle with Julien Colombier's iconic tropical plants. Accustomed to natural elements devoid of any fauna, the artist hides pollinating insects in one of his works for the very first time: a reminder of Moët & Chandon's commitment to the preservation of species, especially bees." Jonas Ramuz, president and co-funder of Quai 36


Photos : Julie Montel

February 11, 2023
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