Gregory Thielker: New paintings

21 January - 4 February 2023

Le Feuvre & Roze presents for the first time the works of the American artist Gregory Thielker at the gallery.

Movement, territory and memory shape the work of Gregory Thielker. He uses drawing and painting, as well as installation and sound, to deconstruct perceptions and narratives of specific places. Hyper-realistic representation serves as a tool for a slow and meticulous transcription of physical places and phenomena as much as it allows him to freeze his experiences. His oil paintings reveal a critical and thought-provoking gaze as well as simply inviting to contemplation. 

Gregory Thielker is currently based in Geneva, Switzerland. He has exhibited throughout the United States and abroad. Recent exhibition venues  include Guy Hepner Gallery (NYC), Castor Gallery (NYC), Brown University, The Brattleboro Art Museum, Vermont, Derouillon Gallery (Paris), Flashpoint gallery (Washington). He is a Fullbright Fellow and has done residencies in India, Norway, El Salvador and Argentina.
His work has been featured by Juxtapoz, The Guardian, Vermont Public Radio, The Independent and La Repubblica, among others.


Gregory Thielker is represented by Le Feuvre & Roze Gallery for France since January 2023.