FOUNDED in 2005 by Franck Le Feuvre and co-directed since 2018 BY FRANCK LE FEUVRE AND JONATHAN ROZE, Le Feuvre & Roze gallery represents about FIFTEEN artists, both French and international, in France. This exclusive representation is in line with the rationale of creating strong bonds between the artists and the gallery. 

Once this bond is created, the gallery has a complete insight into the work and state of mind of the artists, in order to best promote their pieces to collectors, institutions and art lovers. Because, ultimately, it is about the beholder. For Le Feuvre & Roze, the gallery is a bridge that connects artists and collectors. This idea also gives the gallery its artistic orientation, geared towards a visual art that must conjure substance as well as form—first the latter, because for Le Feuvre & Roze, the artwork should establish a dialogue with the person receiving it, but without revealing everything all at once, and without seeming inaccessible. Form is always crucial, because a given work must be able to fit into a collection, and be a source of joy for whoever looks at it every day.

Then comes substance, because a work of art is not a decoration. Although it should have a decorative function, the aesthetics will not be enough if there is no substance. It must be possible to regularly question the work, discover and rediscover it, observe it from different angles to inspire and provoke thinking, without ever tiring of it. This strong identity is the essence of the Le Feuvre & Roze gallery. There, budding artists can be found amongst the more experienced, who have honed their skills in the streets or as students or teachers in art schools. Without turning its back on its history and by continuing to support the artists that it has represented for many years, the Le Feuvre & Roze gallery is committed to increasing the relevance of the work that it presents, always with the aim of fostering the collector’s fulfilment.