Ella & Pitr, "Folds and Folds" series

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On the occasion of their new exhibition "Journey Into The Wild Self", Ella & Pitr unveil a new series of works about fabrics, clothes, materials, patterns and their representation. Entitled "Plis et replis de soi" (Folds and folds of self), this series was created in 2018 and completes the figurative work of the artists form Saint-Étienne.



As the video is in French, we offer here a translation of each slide:

In 2018, Ella & Pitr unveil the first works of their "Folds and folds" series

Far from being a break with their figurative creations, these paintings are actually an extension of them

Ella & Pitr have always dressed their characters with clothes showing detailed patterns

The Folds and folds are certainly a pure painting experience, but they are not just a technical demonstration

Beyond the aesthetic quality, they make us wonder about what goes on under the surface of things, of us, of ourselves

They are an illustration of the visible and the invisible. Of what we show and what we are deep down; of what we think we are

Beyond the seductive aspect of the work, the Folds and folds invite us to introspect


October 13, 2022
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