Arcade on Fire - Lek & Sowat

Opera of Lyon


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In resonance with La Biennale de Lyon of contemporary art, the Opéra de Lyon invites Lek & Sowat, a duo of street artists, to take over the facade of the Opéra de Lyon to take a different look at the iconic venue in the heart of the city.


From September 14 to December 18, 2022, discover the Arcade on Fire project by the artist duo Lek & Sowat: ephemeral paintings visible on the windows of the Opera of Lyon.


The motifs, which are actually the names of the teams, take up the aesthetics of the motifs present in the different rooms of the opera.


Lek takes care of the geometrical shapes and Sowat draws the patterns and writings. Together, they decides to work with glass because of its ease of use, giving more freedom in the creation.


Lek & Sowat work for the first time form inside a facade, facing the sun, they confront the huge building of the Opéra of Lyon.

September 14, 2022
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