Ella & Pitr : "Le plan sur la gommette"

Nouvelle exposition

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Franck Le Feuvre and Jonathan Roze are pleased to announce the fourth solo show of the artistic duo Ella & Pitr, at the gallery. After Celui qui volait les étoiles pour les mettre dans sa soupe (2012), See You Soon Like The Moon (2015) and Au jour le jour pour toujours (2017), the couple is back with their latest exhibition Le plan sur la gommette ; from 9 June to 4 July, 2020.
Known and beloved in the street artist scene for many years, Ella & Pitr stand out from their peers thanks to their ever surprising creativity that can be seen both through in their use of various mediums and in situ interventions choices. Early on in their street works, they focused their attention on creating wallpaper pastings (they used to be known as Papers Painters), graffiti and poster collages, which they practiced on their own over ten years ago. When the use of posters* became widespread in urban art culture, Ella & Pitr shifted to anamorphosis, which offered them new scenography possibilities.
Constantly searching for new means of expression, forever adding different technics to their palette rather than repeating themselves, Ella & Pitr have experimented with muralism, illegal graffiti and online video performances to express themselves. In that sens « floorism » has taken an important part in their practice. To them, Floorism consists in painting huge flat surfaces such as floors, beaches, roofs, car parks and then capture their gigantic works from the sky, with a drone.
Floorism allowed them to gain a strong media presence in France, particularly thanks to their intervention on La Défense's esplanade in 2016. In June 2019 they notably created Europe's largest mural painting on the roof of the Porte de Versailles exhibition hall's seventh pavilion.
An enormous 25 000 m2 frescospanning both sides of the Paris express way. This bigger than life project allowed them to introduce to the Parisian public one of their iconic characters: a weary old granny, playing with tiny cars with a disillusioned look on her face. It was a way for them to express their own weariness in front of the saturation of street art images being constantly uploaded on social medias throughout the world. More importantly, it shifted the duo's work back to one of their roots: the art of buffing and destruction.
Indeed, through a series of artworks painted in sandpits and then destroyed with explosives, Ella & Pitr give back its place to one of Graffiti and Urban Art's original and constitutive elements: the ephemeral.
Regardless of their chosen means of operation, Ella & Pitr's artworks are all connected thanks to what they carry intrinsically, beyond their aesthetics: their poetry, their narration, the staging of their characters and the constant search for comedy even if t is black or absurd.
This poetical dimension reminds us of their background. Ella comes from the world of dance, theater and circus. Pitr for his part, comes fromgraffiti culture.
They met at a street corner, pasting and graffiti writing on both sides of the same wall. Ever since that moment, they never left each other go. At first, it was just a love story. That love still fuels their work with the addition of their humor and poetry. It is what bonds their public and collectors to their studio works, a collection of paintings, drawings, collages, canvases, concrete fragments, wood pieces, papers and photography …even printed drawers andstone-blocks! The emotion always passes and their faithful audience feels it every time.
*of course, different from the post-war poster movement.
June 20, 2020
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