TANC | POLAR : "Souvenirs d'été"

Les photographies de l'exposition

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From 10 September to 3 October 2020, Le Feuvre & Roze gallery presents Souvenirs d'été (Summer Memories), an exhibition bringing together for the first time the artists Tanc and Polar.
Tanc and Polar are both coming from the Graffiti Art world.
The former is Parisian, well known in the French urban art scene. Very creative, Tanc can take us in very different universes at first sight quite distinct: calligraphy, automatic writing, piles of oil paint, drawing of abstract and delicate landscapes made thanks to superpositions of layers of torn paper... But in closer inspection, one realises that all facets of Tanc's work are in fact research into the theme of vibration and rhythm.
His aesthetic approach, often mineral in tone, will establish a dialog with Polar's work.
Polar is a young artist from Montpellier, South of France. His inspiration has various sources: the South, of course, with its colours and light...
His origins too, Polar is Franco-American. He grew up in France but went to live in the United States on his own. A great traveller, he then travelled through Latin America and New Zealand, ending up in Australia. So many landscapes crossed and cultures discovered which also gave his work its character. Just as his initial training as a landscape gardener undoubtedly did. This link with nature is always apparent in his work and the organic dimension that results from it makes us feel a certain closeness with it.
September 18, 2020
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