Le Mur Nantes : Matthieu Pommier (Matth Velvet)

Fresque sur la façade de Trempo

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Discover the new fresco of the painter Matthieu Pommier (Matth Velvet) in Nantes until 13 April.


For the second project of the third season of Le Mur Nantes, Matthieu Pommier (Matth Velvet) is invited to invest the façade of Trempo.

The panoramic format inspires the artist to create a harbour scene dominated by the wreckage of a cargo ship. His oblique lines energise the horizontality of the composition and animate the surface. Astrong colour contrast opposes the left and the right sides. On the one hand, the yellow radiates and is declined in orange and green shades, on the other hand, the deep blue, tending towards purple, fills the space. Matthieu Pommier's technique is characterised by a superimposition of the layers of paint which serves to nuance each hue. The coloured vibration is also worked by hatching and fragmentation of the colour to translate the waves and reflections of the water. The scene depicted looks rather like a holiday postcard. But on closer inspection it presents various incongruities that open the way to the imagination. On the wreck stands a wooden dwelling that diverts the use of the boat, transforming it into a refuge. On the left, four figures, half fishermen, half musicians, are perhaps the usual occupants of this floating hut. Their instruments (brass and drums) suggest the thundering sound of a brass band or the more haunting sounds of a funeral march. These musicians, concentrated or collected, seem indifferent to the rising water in which they are already wading.


The representations of boats, ports and seashores are recurrent in Matthieur Pommier's work and are inspired by his stays in Brittany. The more dreamlike dimension is given by the expressionist colours, the stylization of volumes and the absurdity of the situation represented.



Elodie Evezard

Art historian, Les Têtes Renversentantes






February 2, 2023
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